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Makoto – A real-life Cinderella Story

We all know that Makoto, as one of the co-founders of TMK Soccer, has spent a tremendous amount of time evoking his passion to educate, inspire, and change the lives of our youth. Today, he is leading by example through his scholarly accomplishment of the most daunting task of academia: maintaining a 4.0 grade point average in the honors program. His hard work and perseverance is acknowledged campus-wide to the point that his story has been praised in a news article.

As I listened to his achievements, the quote Makoto shared with me at the beginning of his journey resonates in my head:

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Truly, his passion for higher education has been driving him up to a higher plateau.
He will attend the prestigious, University of California, Los Angeles as a Business and Economics major this coming fall quarter to continue his trek of academics.

Although today, Makoto stands as a charismatic leader who doesn’t show a lick of hinderance in his march to better the future for the youth, this was not his life’s intentions in his early years. As he described in his interview for the article, he did not even have a fragment of concern for his academics; let alone his life. Education sunk way below his priority list, until one day, after several years away from school, his perspectives took a 180.

Being an experienced soccer coach for many years, Makoto came across various children who looked up to him as a role model. And as a passionate leader, he would share his ideologies with the children to lead them towards a positive path. Over the years, the weight of the responsibility compelled Makoto to turn to others who have mentored him through the process. Through the experience and support, Makoto inherited the importance of education. To this day, his newfound passion fueled his determination and continues to grow today.

Congratulations on your achievement thus far, Makoto! Our family could not be more proud and we are anxious to see your next great accomplishment!!

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